Registering Your Will In Dubai

Registering Your Will In Dubai

Expats living in Dubai are encouraged to register their wills at Dubai Courts or the DIFC courts, as per the Law No. (15) of 2017 which was designed to regulate inheritance for non-Muslim over 21 years old residents in Dubai, to distribute their movable or immovable assets as per preference.

Registering Your Will In Dubai

Expats investing, working, and living in Dubai are highly encouraged to write and register their will at the Dubai Courts or the DIFC courts. In case of death with no registered will, the UAE Law of Inheritance will be applied to distribute the deceased person’s assets per the Sharia Law and can also affect the guardianship of their children.

To avoid such a scenario, Law No. (15) of 2017 was designed to regulate inheritance, wills, and probate for non-Muslims in Dubai, stipulating that any non-Muslim person who is over the age of 21, and has children below the age of 21 years or owns assets in Dubai - movable or immovable - needs to make a will.

To ensure that guardianship and assets are secured and distributed according to their wishes, expats may register their will either at the Dubai Courts Public Notary or the DIFC Wills Service Center. The process can be completed individually or through legal consultancy agencies.


Dubai Courts

While registering a will with the Dubai Courts, all submitted documents need to be translated to Arabic by authorized legal translating centers that are registered with the Courts and Ministry of Justice. A will registered in Dubai Courts can cover assets and estates across the entire country and is applicable in all seven emirates during the execution of the will.

For more information, please visit the Dubai Courts Public Notary service directory.


DIFC Courts

The DIFC Courts Wills Service Center was established by Resolution No. 4 of 2014 issued by His Highness Sheikh Maktoum bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the President of the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC).

The Will Service caters exclusively to non-Muslims in Dubai and offers services related to full will, property will, financial assets will, business owners will, and guardianship will.

Registering the will can be completed with English documentation and does not require Arabic translation. However, the registry’s coverage is limited to the emirate of Dubai.

For more information, please visit the DIFC Wills Service Center.



Dubai Courts Public Notary 

DIFC Wills Service Center

Non-Muslim expats: How to get a will for assets in the UAE

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