Education in Dubai

Education in Dubai

The education landscape in Dubai reflects and serves the diverse communities of over 200 nationalities that live and work in the city, offering world class educational institutions with various curricula and programs.


The UAE education system is divided into three categories: public schools, private schools, and higher educational institutions. Across the country, the educational sector has witnessed colossal changes in the last five decades, from few schools scattered around cities to a fully-fledged educational system.  

While public schools follow the Ministry of Education’s local curriculum, private schools remain the most favorable for expat parents for the diverse programs they offer. 

In Dubai, the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) is the government entity responsible for the growth and quality check of private education in Dubai. 

KHDA supports schools, universities, parents, students, educators, investors, and government partners to create a high-quality education sector focused on happiness and wellbeing. 

The market has shown a sustainable growth with annual revenue being generated by schools in Dubai is AED 8.45 billion. 

Dubai currently has a total of 148 private schools operating in the emirate, offering 363,643 seats. The quality of education in the city is continuously improving, with internationally recognized operators currently offering 16 different curricula.

The UK curriculum is taught in 85 schools, followed by the US curriculum implemented in 38 schools. Indian curriculum and International Baccalaureate (IB) come in the third and fourth place, being taught in 34 and 16 schools respectively. 

The teaching workforce in Dubai is extremely diverse; India, the UK, Egypt, the Philippines, and Ireland make the top five nationalities of teachers currently working in Dubai schools. 


When it comes to higher education, Dubai ticks all the boxes for academic trailblazers and visionaries.

People from all over the globe chose to study in Dubai not only to enjoy the city’s standard of living or gain access to the largest selection of renowned international universities with plenty of accommodation choices, but also to take advantage of a fertile ground for future enablement and opportunity.

Backed by the government’s strategic vision and investment, Dubai’s reputation as a knowledge-based economy is supported by hosting over 60 globally respected international university campuses- the largest number anywhere in the world. 

Whether you’re planning to study at a top tier university or college out at Dubai International Academic City or headed to a similar campus located within Dubai Knowledge Park, monthly studio rental for students on a shoestring budget starts from US$450 in purpose-built shared accommodation, with other affordable options found in strategic locations near popular educational hubs.

As a global leader in innovation, a hyperconnected business hub and multicultural melting pot, Dubai’s international universities offer a wealth of courses designed for forward-thinking leaders of the future, from disruptive technologies to business qualifications to art and literary creative programs, Dubai is the preferred destination for high-profile multinationals looking to supercharge their career prospects. 

To learn about and search for schools and universities in Dubai, please visit “Knowledge and Human Resources Development Authority” at

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