Information and Telecommunications Technologies

As every telecommunications provider across the globe scrambles to introduce 5G connectivity, Dubai is already looking to emirate-wide adoption of this technology.

Being around 20 times faster than current 4G services, 5G will enable Dubai's businesses to integrate other technologies that rely on effective internet connections to provide their services. Developments like automation, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things are already revolutionizing machine-to-machine communications depend on fast internet connections. The smart city of the future that Dubai aspires to be, where autonomous vehicles communicate with traffic lights, road signs and more, will be a more realistic prospect when the technology takes hold across the emirate.


The Emirate of Dubai has become the world capital of blockchain development, having implemented 24 use cases across eight industry sectors: finance, education, real estate, tourism, commerce, health, transportation, and security as well as launching Dubai Blockchain Platform and the Dubai Blockchain Policy.

Home to over 100 Blockchain businesses, the sector is experiencing one of the highest growth rates in the world. In 2018 alone, the Blockchain Market of Dubai grew by 24%, significantly exceeding the global average of 19%.

Blockchain Technologies offer exciting opportunities for Dubai's various sectors, including Finance, Retail, Government and Healthcare. Offering Transparency, Efficiency and more, Blockchain will allow Dubai's businesses a more efficacious method of data storage that is more secure.

Artificial Intelligence

Investing heavily in an AI-enabling ecosystem for its businesses, Dubai remains a regional leader in its adoption. AI opportunities within the Emirate are lucrative and widespread in both the private and public sectors, with the government partnering with AI companies to enhance performance, efficiency, and resilience.

Continuous Investment in Artificial Intelligence technologies and ideas remains a critical objective for the Government of Dubai as its sets its ambitions on becoming the World's Smartest City, as well as aid its businesses by improving productivity, lowering costs, unlocking job expansion, and creating growth opportunities. Dubai also has a Minister for Artificial Intelligence, a world’s first.

Augmented & Virtual Reality

With Augmented and Virtual reality market projected to grow at a Compounded annual growth rate of 55% between 2017-2023 in the Country, and with a $4.1 billion contribution to GDP by 2030, most of Dubai's key sectors have already begun integrating these technologies.

From Real Estate and Travel to Employee Training and Advertising, companies across Dubai are beginning to find core areas where AR/VR can be utilized to their full potential.

With Augmented and Virtual Reality technologies reaching sectors far and wide, it has brought about much needed innovations in sectors seeking more efficiency. Important sectors that contribute significantly to Dubai’s GDP, such as Construction and Real Estate, have already witnessed wide-spread adoption of this technology.


Robotics technology is a natural fit for the Emirate of Dubai, a city that's already testing driverless cars and taxis, robot policemen, online robot advisors and many more.

It has become a regional and international magnet for international entrepreneurs, with dedicated free zones packed with high-tech startups. Offering progressive legislations and policies as well as numerous grants and funding, Dubai is fast becoming the regional technological haven. In line with the Dubai Industrial Strategy, Dubai Plan 2021, Dubai Smart City and other national agendas, the robust and wide-encompassing technologies of Robotics is seen as a key technology in achieving the Vision of transforming Dubai into a sustainable knowledge-based economy.

Digital Economy

As Dubai strides ahead towards becoming the world’s smartest city, with the government already providing 1,000 e-services, digital transformation is on its way to power the UAE’s digital economy.

Whether it is e-commerce, banking, or government services, the digital economy of Dubai is set to grow at a scorching pace due to high demand in a city that boasts an extremely high penetration of smart devices.

The Global Digital Economy contributes roughly between 6%-8% to the Global GDP, and around 4.3% to the GDP of the UAE. Ranked amongst Top 10 Digital Economies of the Future for FDI attraction, Dubai's continued development of its own Digital Economy will allow it to capitalize on a large stake of the Global Digital Economy via digital technologies including inventory digitization, e-commerce and others.

With a dedicated Government Entity tasked with overseeing Digital Transformation across the emirate, in Dubai the future is undoubtedly digital.

Software Development

With some of the globe’s biggest and most important IT and Software players located in Dubai, including the likes of Microsoft, Nexus, VMWare, Dell, and IBM, the emirate has seen remarkable growth in its Software industry.

With firms regularly producing AI-powered and machine-learning based software to serve the needs of the city’s rapid-growing private sector and a highly committed and ambitious public sector, Dubai’s high digital penetration rates makes it one of the most sought-after markets in both MENA and broader Asia in general.

Weather Modification Technologies

At the pinnacle of modern-day weather modification technologies, Dubai has invested heavily into Cloud Seeding to generate rain. With over 200 cloud seeding operations conducted in the first half of 2018, Dubai is continuously researching improved processes to current Cloud Seeding technologies in order to yield higher rain. The Country as a whole offers lucrative research grants and funding for innovators and researchers in the cloud seeding space, in order to boost its agricultural yields.

Other areas of investment

الصناعات المتقدمة Advanced Manufacturing

تشمل الأنشطة التجارية مثل الطباعة ثلاثية الأبعاد وتقنية النانو Includes business activities such as 3D Printing, Nanotechnology

أبدع من دبي Creative Industry

تفتخر دبي بأكثر من 28000 زائر من 48 دولة مختلفة إلى 106 متاحف في دبي و 105 معارض ، وتسعى دبي جاهدة لتكون ... “A global centre for culture, an incubator for creativity and a thriving hub for talent” With dedicated creative spaces, Dubai's thriving cultural and creative community has sparked an increasing interest throughout the region and has earned a firm spot on the global creative map.

الخدمات المهنية Professional Services

يُعدُّ قطاع الخدمات المهنية في دبي من أسرع القطاعات نموًا، إذ يبلغ معدل نموه 2.9% ليصل معدل مساهمته في الناتج المحلي الإجمالي 3.7% في عام 2019. وهو بمثابة منصّة The Emirate’s Professional Services sector is one of its fastest-growing, rising at a growth rate of 2.9% to a total GDP contribution rate of 3.7% in 2019…

البيع بالتجزئة والتجارة الإلكترونية Retail and E-Commerce

تشمل الأنشطة التجارية مثل سلسلة التوريد والأعمال الاستهلاكية Includes business activities such as Supply Chain, Consumer Businesses



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