Solar Energy

With the Country building the World's largest Solar Power Plant, each Emirate has put forth plans to diversify their energy sectors into renewable resources. With an annual average of 9.6 Sunshine hours per day, Dubai remains a prime location for Solar Energy investments from around the world.

Solar Energy will remain as a key energy source for Dubai and the UAE as a whole as they shift away from traditional fossil-fuel based energy to more sustainable and ecological sources of Energy.

The increasing energy efficiency alongside falling costs of Solar energy has put Dubai at the forefront of Renewable Energy.

Other areas of investment

Advanced Manufacturing

Includes business activities such as 3D Printing, Nanotechnology

Agriculture and Food

Includes business activities such as Advanced Farming, Food Industry


Includes business activities such as Green Economy, Urban Solutions and Sustainability Circular Economy


The Emirate of Dubai is one of the most important markets regionally for Consumer Electronics, due …

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