Cloud Kitchen Concepts Thrive in Dubai

Cloud Kitchen Concepts Thrive in Dubai

26 September 2021

The increase of online food delivery in the past two years, caused the growth of the “Cloud Kitchens” concept which is basically a space to cook, pack and deliver, with no dining space or front-facing staff. Many of Dubai restauranteurs focused on delivery to keep going through the pandemic as the Cloud Kitchen model can generate long-term profits with less wait time and cost.

Since the spread of Covid-19, specifically in March 2021 in the UAE, online food ordering has doubled as more citizens and residents preferred to order in. If this tendency continues, statistics show that local revenue in the online food delivery segment is expected to reach US$306,808m in 2021.

The main advantage of these kitchens is the reduction in costs, as it saves on location or space rental, the personnel costs, decoration, and utilities bills. Many restauranteurs focused on delivery to keep going through the pandemic and the Cloud Kitchen model can generate long-term profits compared to F&B outlets that are still burdened with high real estate costs and restrictions.  

What to consider when starting a cloud-kitchen in the UAE?

  • To ensure smooth and efficient operations and production, you need first to plan your kitchen design.
  • Study the location thoroughly making sure that your kitchen can host and cater within that particular area as per the demand by the potential target audience.
  • Plan the operational expenditure extensively as the business operations must be seamless to ensure profitability.
  • Set detailed Standard Operating Procedures to all the kitchen brands to ensure the best staff performance, product, and service quality.


A Cloud Kitchen Experience in Dubai

Dubai-based AWJ Investments is a UAE-home-grown cloud kitchen business. Dabbling in different Middle Eastern and Levant cuisines, the group is behind successful food brands such as Operation Falafel, Awani, Catch 22, Surf Bite, Yalseh and Murjan Cafe. Showcasing how cloud kitchen can help expand the business across markets and brands, the group’s latest venture is a technology-driven cloud kitchen christened DKitchen which can host and serve over 25 brands.

By introducing a special ‘first-to-market’ smart technology, with contactless dispatch at its core, DKitchen sets itself apart from other dark kitchens in the market. Their system is designed to create a lean and performance driven operation which fosters strict hygiene and safety monitoring processes, with a contactless dispatching smart software. With this model, all orders transit through a production line where they are sorted automatically, eliminating the need for multiple dispatchers, and resulting in less wait time, reduced cost and a decrease in human error.

Source: Gulf News


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